Rash Under Armpit

How To Treat A Rash Under Your Armpit


It’s the pits; a red, itchy splotch has developed and is causing great discomfort, a rash under your armpit.  Where did it come from and what may have caused it?  More importantly right now is the question, how to get rid of it?


About The Armpit


Many people have referred to certain areas of the country as the “armpit of the world”, giving that area the distinction of being less than desirable.  The underarm is an area of the body that is dark, warm and moist; in other words, a perfect environment for the breeding of bacteria.  Complete with unwanted hair (in most cultures, at least) and a propensity for being odoriferous, the armpit is not usually an area that is admired.


Given the problems that are associated with the underarm, it is understandable that there is so much care directed toward the area.  Unwanted hair is shaven and lotions and powders, deodorants and antiperspirants are used to prevent moisture and odor.  Because the hair in this region grows quickly, shaving can be a daily task for some people.  This skin is generally not subjected to conditions that the rest of the body is exposed to, and therefore tends to be more sensitive.

Underarm Problems And Their Causes


When heat, friction and contact all combine at the same time, the perfect opportunity is provided for problems to emerge.  Continual shaving may cause chafing and broken skin in the underarm.  Irritation can occur with the presence of bacteria in the area which may cause a rash under your armpit.  The rash may be just a reddened area that is tender and sore or it might be accompanied by small bumps or fluid-filled pustules resembling pimples.  These dermatitis issues are not only uncomfortable, but can be downright painful, especially considering the area is in direct contact with clothing to further cause abrasion.  When the breakouts occur during warm weather, it is as unsightly as it is uncomfortable.


Some may think that a rash may be a result of poor personal hygiene care, but in actuality, the opposite is true.  It is more likely the remedies that we all use to combat underarm issues that create the new problem of rashes and outbreaks.  Often, it is the commercial products used to cleanse and deodorize the armpit that aggravate the sensitive skin.  These products may cause drying of the skin or even an allergic reaction that can result in a rash.  Even soaps that are used for bathing can be at the root of the cause, as many contain drying ingredients for delicate skin.


Types Of Armpit Rashes


The underlying cause of a rash under your armpit will determine how it should be treated.  There are a few different types of rashes that could be the issue:


  • Heat rash is a common problem for the underarm.  Though it is somewhat of a mystery as to how it happens, sweat glands can become blocked which makes sweat build up underneath the skin.  Inflammation is often the result, creating itching and pain.
  • Friction rash occurs when clothing or skin continually rubs a sensitive area.  This type of rash frequently happens in the underarm and the inner thighs especially in overweight individuals.  When bacteria exist in the area because of moist and airless conditions, it can further exacerbate the raw skin of the rash caused by friction and cause an infection.
  • Dermatitis rash caused by contact is another common reason that a rash may develop under the arm.  It may be from the type of deodorant or antiperspirant used by the individual, or lotions or powders.
  • Allergic reaction rash is often detected through the presence of oozing or bumps on the reddened area.  It may be due to the type of fabric worn, the detergent used in the washing of the fabric, the body soap, lotion, deodorant or antiperspirant used.  Even perfumes can be the culprit behind an allergic reaction.


Treating Armpit Rashes


Because a rash under your armpit is so discomforting, you will naturally want to find the remedy to cure it as soon as possible.  After determining the underlying cause of the rash, you should be able to treat it on your own with no professional help.  It should clear up quickly with the proper treatment.


The first step for treating the rash is to eliminate the cause.  If heat is the problem for the rash, keeping the area dry and cool will help the area to clear up.  Wearing looser clothing so as to reduce friction will also be a great help.  If skin care or personal hygiene products are the problem, you must discontinue use of the product to feel relief.


Treating the rash may be as easy as applying a soothing topical cream to the area.  Calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream are commonly used products for this purpose.  An anti-itching product can relieve the itching sensation quickly.  Most rashes will see improvement within a week or two.  If the problem persists, it may be necessary to see your doctor.


Anytime you experience a rash under your armpit, you must first determine what might be causing the problem.  Then you must eliminate that offender and begin treating the symptoms of the rash.  Before you know it, your underarm will no longer be the pits.